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Vintage 2011

40% Touriga Franca 40% Tinta Roriz & 20% Tinta Barroca

Douro Valley, Portugal Portugal

QUINTA DO PORTAL Quinta do Portal is a family fine winemaking company that embraced with passion the “Boutique Winery” concept. We proudly produce DOC Douro wines, premium Port Wines and Moscatel. This project that started in the early 90’s of the XX century, had on its base a centenary estate where our family has been producing Port since the last years of the XIX century. Our commitment to the production of quality wines has been, since the first moment, the heart and soul of Quinta do Portal. This effort, passion and dedication have been recognized both at a national and international level during the course of the years.

Quinta dos Muros has been a family property since the end of the XIX century. Francisco d’Araújo Mansilha who inherited Muros through his wedding made the following comment: “Those who know how to look after the wines from Muros will be convinced by analysis and comparisons that there are no better in our country.” He was a great supporter of Port wine in the Alijó area, having written several articles about the vine and the wine and was part of  the social organs of the Alijó Viticultures Association.He started a book in 1905 with the title: “How to produce wines and their treatments” (the last notes written by a shaky hand are from 1925). The book was finished by his nephew-grandson Manuel Mansilha in 1962. In the book he wrote about the problems of the vine and the wine and their treatments, revealing also precious secrets to produce good Port Wine. Secrets that should be kept within the family: "This book must be always kept as a family secret, as if strangers know about its content the family will lose great advantage, that the author gained from practical science…” The property was then inherited by Manuel Mansilha (nephew-grandson of Francisco Mansilha and grandfather of the actual owners). At this magnificent estate with all its vineyards planted in socalcos (traditional walled terraces) and patamares (modern terraces), we’ve always produced Port wine that until 1974 was sold in bulk. Today is the source of our best grapes. We only have red varieties planted in a total area of vineyards of 29,57ha. From the house of Muros we have one of the greatest views of the Douro, and we can see several other historic and well known properties.

WINE INFORMATION: the year 2011 was a constant challenge in the vineyard. We had an early flowering due to warm weather in April and may (several heat waves), which combined with a high humidity made us perform various treatments. At the end of June there was a heat wave in some places of the Douro, resulted in burning of the grapes, particularly in more sensitive varieties such as Tinta Barroca. June is also marked by relevant thermal amplitudes. As a result, July was also relevant to the development of the vine, since we can characterize as cold. It was a year in which the rainfall in the month of December was quite high (factor important in the later development of the vineyard) and that in the months of Autumn and winter, generally speaking, was normal. The fallout of the end of August was decisive for the quality potential of the year because it allowed an excellent ripeness. These conditions led to the harvest took place with an anticipation of 10 to 15 days.

WINEMAKER'S NOTES: in order to meet the raw material, this wine was fermented using gravity techniques and smooth moves throughout the whole process. Color wine granda, elegant and fruity, revealing some aromas of spices and some jam. In the mouth appears balanced, with firm tannins and excellent acidity. Long end and cool, ideal for your moments of relaxation. PAULO COUTINHO Winemaker

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ABV 13% by volume 75cl bottle with a cork

PER BOTTLE £6.95 (inc VAT)

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